I make music as a means to heal. I use music as an outlet. It is something I can always go to when I want to speak my mind or release any emotions I had kept bottled inside. My truest self comes through in my writing and production;  it allows me to express myself through my music. I am a 21 year old  Singer-Songwriter from Allen, TX. I have been focusing on music professionally since I was 15 years old and started my own Independent Label, 'Essential Rockstar' in 2011.  I toured Western Europe and  have  recorded at Eastcote Studios and Nevo Sound Studios with Yoad Nevo and also mastered at Abbey Road in London.  I have performed at the Groucho Club in London, Midem festival in France, SXSW in Austin, and many other  venues. Early on in my career  my single 'Summer Anthem' was being played on BBC radio and earned me the opportunity to be interviewed by The Chart Show in London.  I chose to further the art of my songwriting and production skills by taking some time off of traveling  to study at Berklee College of Music. This was the best decision I had ever made for myself. Berklee opened so many doors and opportunities for me musically. My whole perspective of music changed and allowed me to explore who i really am as an artist. I collaborate everyday with so many talented musicians and learn from highly educated teachers who continue to work  in the industry today. I am in awe of the musical geniuses that I am surrounded by at Berklee. Their talent inspires me to be  better and it allows me to evolve as an artist everyday. I am exploring my musical genre/style and producing more in Ableton. I love having the chance to study at Berklee. It has inspired me to continue to grow as a musician. The best thing bout being an artist is having a voice and being able to use it to inspire others.


Lyrics & Production by  Marcella Fruehan, Recorded at Hall Music in Southlake,TX,  released Feb 2017


Lyrics by Marcella Fruehan & Cameron Sloan, Production/Mixing by Cameron Sloan, Recorded at home studio in Boston,MA, released Dec 2016

Lyrics by Marcella Fruehan, Rhodes played by Andrae D. Smith, Rough mix by Joseph Lomas, Recorded at January Sound in Dallas,TX,  Jan 2016

Marcella Caf Show on 11/4/16 at Berklee Caf, Vocalist/Keys performing originals and arrangements of covers.


 Songwriters Squared on 11/21/16 at David Friend, Featured Vocalist/Songwriter singing original song '(We Are) One Blood'.


Music Video Covers, 5/30/16, Vocalist/Arranger, Recorded at January Sound in Dallas,tx. Videos filmed at Artistic Visual Studios on 6/16/16  in Dallas,Tx for Youtube Channel.

Marcella at 97.9 The Beat, 7/11/16 in Dallas,Tx, Featured Artist, On Air with JKruz.

Live Cover videos, 1/6/17 in Dallas,Tx, Vocalist/Arranger, for Youtube channel.

Live to 2 in Studio 1 on 2/7/17, Vocalist/keys, Recorded original song "Bite" for Tyler Knatz project.

Marcella at Opening Bell, 1/2/16 in Dallas,TX, Vocalist/Keys performing originals.